Track: Eternal Death – Fade

First emerging with a video that consisted of four minutes of complete silence and total darkness and named after them, Swedish duo Eternal Death have alway had the ability to cause fascination and bewilderment wherever they go. Out tomorrow is a new single, and the follow up to previous single Bullet, which showcased their considerable synth pop know how, is Fade, out on Labrador Records.

The pair, Elin Berlin and Johan Angergård (Pallers, Club 8, Acid House Kings, The Legends), plan an album for next winter, but about Fade, Berlin states “With our last single “Bullet” we just wanted to get everything out of us – convey all the emotions, anger, desperation. Get down to the core of Eternal Death. But this time it is different. The deafening noises have subsided; the dark clouds have eased and settled like a heavy fog. “Fade” has that same mysterious, anxious feel like our previous songs, but it’s more burdensome and subtle. It is a song that gropes in darkness and burst into the light, like haze in a dim forest. A given soundtrack for a cold winters day.”

And damn it shes right. Full of atmospheric, misty chords, this stripped back beat the only indication of what’s to come at the beginning, it gradually unfurls, the synths bubbling one minute, almost hymnal the next. Over the top is Berlin’s sweet, slightly (and only slightly) Kate Bush-ish vocal, the sort of thing that manages to steal its way into your heart. And then, in a moment, its gone.

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