Track: Fine, It’s Pink – Young Burns

I wonder how many successful bands have been formed in karaoke bars. I can’t believe it’s many. But that’s exactly where Fine, It’s Pink started life in Romania in 2013 and now they’re releasing their debut single Young Burns (out on 25 September).
It’s hard to believe they’ve gone from being a covers band to writing this type of electronic dream-pop soundscape. They describe the track as “an expression of melancholia. It cherishes that so called ‘silly young love’ which is actually love in its purest and fearless state of being.”
The track begins with haunting vocals that are lifted up on a wave of ambient sound around a minute in. It then swoons with angelic vocals and synths until the lingering fade to the end. There is a cinematic feel reminiscent of expressive artists like Bat For Lashes, Portishead and Cocteau Twins.
This is young love at its yearning best and there’s nothing silly about it.

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