Track: Maybug – Out to Sea

While the title of Maybug’s latest single conjures up feelings of being carried away from safety into a vast and alien environment, Out To Sea is actually the musical equivalent of getting into the comfort of a deep, warm bath.
Bristol based singer-songwriter Joseph Dunn is Maybug and this is the first single from his forthcoming debut EP Pollen Odyssey (out on 18 September). He has said that Out To Sea is “a song about how there are times that I struggle with my state of mind, but that’s OK”

The lyrics may be about the struggle taking place under the surface of a situation but the sound Maybug creates is the opposite – sparse, serene and soulful. The bass notes are warm, the guitar provides a gentle current and Dunn’s voice floats on a wave of emotion.
If you’re looking for the ultimate chillout track then lay back, let this one wash over you and drift away.

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