News: EVIL SHADE set release date for CHAOS RECORDS/Spookies Productions

Today, Chaos Records, in conspiracy with Spookies Productions, announces February 25th as the international release date for Evil Shade‘s striking debut mini-album, Vandals, on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats. Chaos will release the vinyl and tape editions while Spookies will release the CD.

Evil Shade is a Mexican speed / heavy metal act from the city of Santiago de Querétaro. The band was started by Iván (drums) and Rod (guitar), erstwhile members of the death metal band Question, and they soon joined forces with frontman Diego Rojas, ex-vocalist of the cult speed metal band Victime.

Tracklisting for Evil Shade’s Vandals
1. Vandals
2. Wicked Crusades
3. Beneath the Pentagram
4. Shade of Evil
5. Black Demon (Running Wild cover)

From the beginning, Evil Shade‘s intention has been to capture the essence of primigenial speed metal acts such as Running Wild. early Helloween, and ADX. With the addition of a bassist (Mike) and a second guitarist (Diego WK), the band went on a journey of about one pandemic year to create songs for a full-length album. With the departure of Iván, the band decided to record half of those compositions and release a shorter mini-album titled Vandals, consisting of four tracks plus a Running Wild cover.

Accomplishing their primary goal and then some, Vandals is 25 minutes of METAL in its purest form. Gleaming yet gritty and encased in an era-authentic production, Vandals proves Evil Shade are serious vintage-metal sorcerers, skillfully able to conjure the past and bring it into the present. Moody hooks and majestic heaviness collide head on for a cool cruise through yesteryear’s best and cultest dungeons: Evil Shade have arrived!

Herald their arrival with the brand-new title track “Vandals” HERE at Evil Shade‘s Bandcamp.


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