Premiere: JD Pinkus and Tall Tall Trees share psychedelic bluegrass odyssey ‘Fungal Mountain Breakdown’ and announce album

This one scratches a very specific itch, so if you’re in the mood for instrumental, warped, spacey bluegrass, then you’ve come to the right place. JD Pinkus of the Butthole Surfers and Mike Savino (Tall Tall Trees) made a record whose reference points range from Brian Eno to John Cage. The lead single is a trip, essentially pinging between A and B sections with slight modifications as the track barrels along for six minutes, playing with expectations along the way.

Speaking about the first offering from their collaborative album, the pair say: “Only two banjo pickers in the world know how to play this song and when played at the proper tempo and tuning, it can transport the players and the listeners to other dimensions. We were lucky enuff to capture it on tape one day…”

In addition to this, Pinkus and Savino are announcing the details of the record itself today. It’s called Ponder Machine, out on Friday June 30th via Shimmy-Disc, which, if you needed reminding, is Kramer‘s label, an ex-member of Butthole Surfers, so that worked out well. It’s an album that gets real weird with it. For a taste, we’re serving up ‘Fungal Mountain Breakdown’ below as a premiere.

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