EP: Florian Kupfer – Explora

Rising German producer / DJ Florian Kupfer produced something of an instant classic when he released his debut track, 2013’s Lifetrax, and he followed it up with a slew of releases on labels such as L.I.E.S., Russian Torrent Versions and Willie Burns’ W.T. Records as well as a white label edit of Sade which blew up.

Now he’s back on Ninja Tune’s singles label Technicolour with a new four track EP, Explora which drops as a vinyl 12″ 24th July with the digital released a week later, 31st July. It opens with the title track, and its this dark, minimal techno heralded by these cut up vocals and sprawling beats and 808 claps, before it develops slowly, adding this insistent high, almost acid like synth line and side drum fills along with this constantly evolving electronics.

Follow on Headpiece is similarly dark, but denser than its predecessor as it bubbles away. Suddenly these supercharged bass stabs fire things onward and increasingly they reverberate through everything else that is going on as it propels the largely beatless track forwards. Brute force reverts back to this deep and claustrophobic techno, the simple percussive beats only accompanied by these progressive shards of synth noise. As the track develops these two elements play their own parts, alternatively coming to the fore before gradually dying away.

EP closer Shpel follows on in similar style, the dark ominous overtones always there, as minimal movement elsewhere clears the way to something that ends up sounding vaugely primal, save for the tribal (but minimal) drum patterns and bolts of synths. Like the rest of the EP, Florian Kupfer has made something thats mermerising yet empty, dark yet on occasion warm, experimental yet instant.

And most of all, very good indeed. Check out the title track, here.


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