Track: Betty Taylor just ‘Can’t Get Enough’ – another dreamy ray of filtered sunlight from the Sunshine Coast as an EP is on the horizons

Betty Taylor (the band) are creators of the most radiant missives of sunshine from the Sunshine Coast – bright pop that is filtered by a thread of melancholy and suffuse with melody. Their new single ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is beamed into the universe with this bittersweet concoction that so epitomises their dream pop-infused songwriting.

The track was produced by Aidan Hogg (most recently known for his work as co-write and production on G Flip ‘Drummer’) and mastered by Greg Calbi.

The track is all about the exquisite feeling of falling in love, and you can feel the deep yearning in every note with the driving drums, the floating, shimmering guitars and the velvet vocals that create an ethereal aura:

‘Can’t Get Enough’ is out now through the chic label Hello Gardener and available to download and stream here. It provides a glimpse into their highly anticipated debut EP, ‘Young, Dumb and Immature’, slated for release in July 2024. With international tours planned for the end of 2024 in the US, UK, and EU, this will be a big year for the quartet.

In the meantime, you can catch them live at the Summer Salt Festival this weekend – details here.

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