Track: Instanbul duo Fuji Kureta release new single, Finis Terre

Finis Terre, by Istanbul based duo Fuji Kureta, has this sort of charming bleeps and bells and ring and chime at the beginning of the track that conjures up this sort of dark, late night feeling. It bubbles away underneath, reinventing itself almost constantly until it evolves into this sort of fragmented bassline, surrounded still by the aforementioned bells, bleeps and percussive noises, all Autechre like. Over the top, the vocal line is long and languid, and has this sort of middle eastern flavour about it.

It comes from Fuji Kureta, aka Sahsin Kureta who handles the production side of things, and Deniz Ozturk who sings and provides the vocals, in French for this particular song. They’ve been together making their own little experimental electronica since 2008. The track is accompanied by a similarly experimental video, laden with effects but still beautiful. A little like the band themselves.

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