Track: Cassels release debut single, Seasick

I got seasick on a school trip once, in what was just about the most embarrassing moment of my school life. I even knew it was coming, I could feel the movement of the vessel we were aboard was rocking back and forth, and as I looked over the edge I could just feel this feeling in my stomach that things weren’t going well down there. And true enough the worst came to happen and I was completely unwell, right in front of the PE teacher, who I had always liked, but even he couldn’t fail to ignore what had happened and….laughed. As I looked at my classmates, all nudging each other and staring at me, giggling, looking disgusted, disgruntled, even plain old surprised. I, of course, wanted to disappear.

Cassels, a band of brothers (no, really – it’s Jim Beck and Loz Beck) from Chipping Norton, and they’ve made their own take on the subject (not my particular subject, more general than that, clearly) and they release that track, Seasick, as their debut single  on December 2nd through Tip Top records.

And it doesnt have that dread, or wish to disappear either. Instead its a noisy, riotous slice of indie rock, blessed with a glorious chorus (even if it is about a subject such as this) and an attitude reminiscent of some other brothers that used to have their own band, even if it was Manchester rather than Chipping Norton.

As to the seasickness, no big deal you may think. It can happen to anyone, ri9ght? Well, it appears not on a history trip, on a barge, being pulled by a horse, no.

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