Track: Jack Carty releases the gorgeous indie-folk of Be Like the Water

Ahead of the release of his third album, Esk, due out at the end of the month, Bellington, NSW, singer-songwriter Jack Carty has released a new single, Be like the water, out now on Gigpigplet / Inertia Records. It’s a follow up to recent single ‘The Joneses’, which recieved significant airplay on Australian Radio.

Be Like the Water has this insistent shuffle about it, but it’s also charming, with basslines working alongside Glockenspiels and backing vocals pretty much throughout. It has this wistful folkiness about it, but with an uneasy edge too, perhaps relating to its composition in an eerie hotel in New South Wales. What it does have though, is this melody thats as enthralling as it is instantly lovable. Quite some feat.

He’s just returned from months of touring with Josh Pyke and Katie Noonan, and as soon as the albums out, he’ll set off on what looks to be an exhausting Australian national tour.

jack carty tour
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