I sort of miss the days when on every street corner in every town was a little gang of punks. I remember being very small and seeing these cool people with ripped up t-shirts and bullet belts and 24 hole Dr Martins and Mohicans. I used to wonder if being a punk was a full time thing, or if some of them got home and hung their punk outfits up on the back of the door, like my Dad did with his overalls, and put their slippers on and watched the news, as that’s what he seemed to do to me most nights.

Though ‘Punk Life’ from Brooklyn quartet Little Racer doesn’t answer the pressing questions I had when I was a small boy, it does have this glorious fuzzy psych about it. It’s like an unholy, well unlikely at let, alliance between the Beach Boys and The Electric Prunes. Or at least The Jesus and Mary Chain, anyway. Either way, its a glorious, laid back, scuzzy 4 1/2 minutes.

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It’s la return for the band, consisting of Elliot Michaud (vocals, guitar), Ish Nazmi (bass), Wade Michael (guitar), and Dave Tedeschi (Drums) whose eponymous single was leased by Young & Lost, who consequently also released its follow up the 7″ single The Town/Split for the Coast in late 2011. Citing their influences as ranging from New Order to Cat Stephens, there’s certainly plenty going on in the melting pot that is Little Racer.

Punk Life is taken from their forthcoming EP Modern Accent, it on April 8th.