New Music – LTO – No Pasa Nada EP

LTO is a Bristol based producer and member of Old Apparatus and Khing Kang king. ‘No Pasa Nada’ EP is one of LTOs solo projects and is a journey through the dark underbelly of abstract and experimental. Fizzing broken electronic beats and industrial sounds driven by haunting pianos, trumpets and vocals create quite an emotional ride. Experimental in sounds but not in structure, within each track there is an order to this audio darkness. While the music could be compared to similar artists and genres it deserves more than to be just labeled and shelved. But let me summarize by saying  ‘No Pasa Nada’ is like walking through an abandoned factory late at night and hearing someone or something crawling in the distance, that something is building an unworldly machine and as it does so, a beat up old radio tunes in and out of  strange unmanned stations playing eerie melodies that swirl and push through the darkness. It’s not too late to turn back, but then you realize, the sounds are already pulling you in.


No Pasa Nada EP

1. Hundirse

2. Rebelarse

3. Contar

4. Trabajar

Released March 30th on Injazero Records



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