Track: Folk troubadour Sam Lee releases new song, Blackbird.

Sam Lee

Travelling the UK, Sam Lee has collected and reinvented folk song and story. His creations are inspiring a new generation of folk musicians to explore, adapt and experiment with folk and sound. Blackbird is Romany in origin and was imparted by May Bradley of Shropshire, passing on her cultural roots. 

The tale told in Blackbird has not lost its relevance. We know how easy it is to fall in love and come a cropper! A young woman falls hard for a sailor who is called away to war. Left utterly desperate she longs to chase after him, if only she could soar like a blackbird.

A rousing jazz-folk orchestral sound floods your ears. With five other talented musicians, Josh Green – Percussion, Francesca Ter-Berg – cello, Steve Chadwick – Trumpet, Jonah Brody – koto and Flora Curzon – violin, the layered sound is effortlessly achieved. With this collection of musicians and instruments I am reminded of the vastness of tracks by the likes of Elbow and Bon Iver. But Lee’s music is wildly different and unique. Freshening up old traditions and ancient lyrics. 

His vocals contrast starkly with the timbre of the instruments, cutting through clearly without getting lost in the waves of sound, gliding over the top. There is no jarring bounce to this track, rather a gentle rolling from one sound to the next, like a ship climbing and dipping over waves.

Blackbird is from Lee’s new album “The Fade In Time”, which will be released on the Nest Collective Label on 16th March. This song and album form part of intangible cultural heritage, a heritage that ranges across the UK and beyond. Thanks to Sam Lee this heritage will not be lost. 


17 Mar 20:00 Album Launch: St Marks Dalston: Temples Tour London, United Kingdom

18 Mar 20:00 Album Launch: St Pancras Old Church: Temples Tour London, United Kingdom

19 Mar 20:00 Album Launch: Sandy’s Row Synagogue: Temples Tour London, United Kingdom

20 Mar 20:00 Album Launch: Westminster Quaker Meeting House: Temples Tour London, United Kingdom

25 Mar19:00 Radio 2 Folk Show Salford, United Kingdom

28 Mar 20:00 Brighton Corn Exchange Brighton, United Kingdom

13 Apr (All Day) Falmouth: Giving Voice Festival Falmouth, United Kingdom

28 Apr 20:00 Exeter Phoenix Exeter, United Kingdom

29 Apr1 9:00 Truro Truro, United Kingdom

30 Apr 19:00 Broadwell

01 May 20:00 Salisbury Routes South West Show Salisbury, United Kingdom

02 May 19:30 Corsham Routes South West Show Corsham, United Kingdom

03 May (All Day) Bristol Routes South West Show/Bristol Folk Festival Bristol, United Kingdom

04 May 19:00 Embercombe Solo Talk Only Exeter, United Kingdom

05 May 19:00 Bridgwater: Bridgwater Arts Centre Bridgwater, United Kingdom

09 May 00:00 (All Day) Roundhouse: Voices Now London, United Kingdom

16 May 11:00 Day Of Foraging With Sam In Sussex (Pledge Offer) Near Lewes, United Kingdom

16 May 21:00 Singing With The Nightingales (Pledge Campaign Exclusive) Near Lewes, United Kingdom

17 May 15:00 Group Singing Lesson With Sam (Pledge Campaig Exlcusive) London, United Kingdom

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