Track: Stillwave -‘Tarmac Plains’

Backseat Mafia favourites, and indeed friends, Stillwave released their latest single, ‘Tarmac Plains’ a few days ago. It’s another slab of reverb drenched guitars, soaring synth, drumbeats and ever so distinctive vocals, that once again make them stand out from the herd.

Since first appearing on the pages of Backseat Mafia early last year, the Utrecht trio have caught the attention of many. They’ve been named by a number of blogs, as one of the best bands of 2014, a number of their singles have appeared in top 50 lists and this week Q magazine listed ‘Tarmac Plains’ as one of their ‘5 songs to hear this week’. With plans to spend the summer in the studio recording the debut album, and more live gigs and tours in the pipeline, Stillwave could well be one of the standout bands of 2015. But we already knew that. Don’t forget where you heard them first.

‘Tarmac Plains’ is available through Soundcloud, as well as Spotify, iTunes and other major online retailers. The second of a series of releases planned for release before the summer. See our earlier exclusive of ‘Slow Blinders’ for release number one.



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