Track: Three Trapped Tigers – Silent Earthling

It might have taken a while, five years to be exact, but London trio Three Trapped Tigers are back with a follow up to their debut album ‘Route one or die’. Titled ‘Silent Earthling’, the bands new album is due out on April 1st via Superball Music. Talking of the bands evolution, guitarist/keyboard player Matt Calvert says “I think the problem for anyone striving to create their own sound is, once you – hopefully – have achieved that, how do you expand that whilst maintaining it?”

As if to answer their own question, the band have released the title track to their forthcoming album. Its a swirling mass of electronic sounds, with chords and arpeggiated figures splashing into eachother, driven on my these unremitting rock drums. Its not just straight up synth-pop though. Instead its prog-pop at its most evident, mathy at its core as things twist and turn though a mountain of ideas. Exhilarating stuff.

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