Track: Jovian releases new single, Where’d U Go

It may be a rare disorder, but many artists across the globe are ‘synesthetes’, including Brooklyn based artist Jovian. An artist that merges sounds using all senses, Jovian is a unique musician. Released November 13th, the latest adventure from the hip-hop and R&B songwriter is the brooding number ‘Where’d U Go’. A visionary to say the least, the hip-hop infused number uses percussive triggers to highlight it’s poignant message. 

About Jovian acknowledging his inner anxieties and what he’d like to improve, ‘Where’d U Go’ comes at a time where the whole world can relate to it more than ever. With everything being put on ‘pause’, it’s the perfect time to focus on things that make you happy, hence Jovian releasing continuous content throughout this year. 2020 has seen Jovian release 5 singles, with stand out number ‘Timothée Chalamet’ getting just under 1 million streams on Spotify alone, Jovian’s turned a pretty dark year into something he’ll remember forever. Passionate and using haunting vocals to portray the story perfectly, Jovian’s voice floats across the mix with ease on the latest track. Thunderous and refusing to be left in the shadows, ‘Where’d U Go’ covers familiar territory for Jovian yet feels entirely refreshing. 

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