New Track: Akusmi previews ‘Fleeting Future’, title track from his forthcoming album of intricate minimalism and vibrant electro-acoustic conversations.

Photo by Alex Kozobolis

London based composer/producer Pascal Bideau aka Akusmi doesn’t do music that simply grows on you. Want proof then tune into those digi-platforms and catch his new track ‘Fleeting Future’ from his soon-come album of the same name. It’s a piece that draws you into a world of sound which flourishes as you listen, from the first seeds of single notes to a rising point of full electronica blush. A tune intrigued by gamelan complexities that ripples from illusive patterns to a swelling wash of synths, brass, strings and whisking percussion, ‘Fleeting Future’ surges with the same hope and possibility of a classic Penguin Café work out.

Given the intricacy and intensity on show here, it’s not surprising that Bideau has been developing his Akusmi project for some time now both in his home studio and with connections in Berlin. By carefully introducing other musicians to the sessions, Florian Juncker (trombone), Ruth Velten (saxophone) and Daniel Brandt of Brandt Brauer Frick (drums / electronic percussions), the final record looks set to hum with vibrant electro-acoustic conversations.

It also promises to be an album with plenty to say. Taking inspiration from post-modern thinking, chaotic cityscapes and YouTube train travelogues across Japan may sound like a frenetic starting point but you sense Akusmi’s music has the invention to bring things together. The signs are there’s a natural fluency at work here, sensitively blending electronic, jazz and Fourth World minimalism to make ‘Fleeting Future’ an enticing and significant proposition for any listener

Available from 24th June in digital and Dinked vinyl formats, the Akusmi debut will also be the inaugural release from Erased Tapes/ Gondwana Records associate Adam Heron’s new imprint Tonal Union – even further recommendation, if you needed it…..

You can pre-order Fleeting Future by Akusmi at :
Or for the vinyl at:

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