News: Alt-pop artist ‘Oakley Riot’ is set to release new single on the 24th of February.

Oakley Riot is a gothic-pop artist in the UK. Born in Toronto, Canada, they relocated to London at eighteen to pursue a career in the creative arts. Though they started out in acting, the pandemic released a force of musical inspiration that motivated them to pursue their passion for music. Riot pursued their MA in songwriting at Tileyard Education, signing several songs before graduation as a lyricist before developing their own acid-drip pop style. Riot’s unique lyrical technique combines themes of trauma, sexuality and civil disobedience and their first single, ‘Bodyhome’ was widely supported throughout the UK and US.

Boudicca” out on Fri 24th Feb

 Boudicca Artwork

“My new track ‘Boudicca’ was inspired not only by its namesake, a Celtic queen who led a revolution that burned several cities to the ground in her quest for the throne, but the growing public discomfort that I can feel with the status quo. There is an uprising brewing – we are nearing the end of our finite resources, and the general population is beginning to understand that their leaders do not have their best interests at heart. ‘Boudicca’ is a call to action, a thundering rally cry to the public that we do not need to accept what is given. We can create change with action.” — Oakley Riot

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