News: Astles Releases Enchanting New Track ‘When Life Catches You By Surprise’

Renowned for his enchanting songwriting, thoughtful lyricism, and warming instrumentation, Astles returns with a radiant new single ‘When Life Catches You By Surprise.’

Astles’ vocals gracefully float over a gentle groove of drums and bass, accompanied by guitar and piano arpeggios reminiscent of early 90s indie. True to its title, the track takes unexpected turns, culminating in a bridge of heavy guitars, soaring strings, and choir-like vocals—an uplifting experience for fans and tastemakers alike.

Astles, speaking on the new release, describes ‘When Life’ as a song about rediscovering love. The lyrics convey a sense of openness to life’s unexpected moments and embracing the little wins. Astles shares the inspiration behind the song, recounting a moment of overwhelming bliss that brought a newfound vibrancy to simple, everyday activities.

“I opened my eyes, the sun was shining, and me and the person I love couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces. Suddenly, all the simple things burst with technicolor, and I had a spring in my step,” says Astles. The artist emphasizes the collaborative effort with producer Sophie Ellis, citing influences from Pavement, Macy Gray, and Old Hollywood string arrangements. The result is a bold musical statement that explores new creative territories.

Daniel Astles, hailing from Southport and Liverpool, crafts songs that celebrate the heartfelt, tender essence of human experience. Onstage, he is joined by the Balloon Moon Orchestra, a ten-strong group of musicians adding orchestral layers to elevate the songs. Astles’ Christmas shows at St. Brides Church in Liverpool have become legendary, drawing the local musical community together.

Having supported artists like Bill Ryder Jones, The Mysterines, Chartreuse, and Florist, Astles has gained widespread press support and already established himself as more than one to watch.

Listen below:

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