News: Binmen announce the release of first single from forth coming EP

Binmen a five piece rock band from Wicklow Ireland are set to release their new single ‘Abe’. The song is the first single to be taken from their debut EP  ‘Hunger Hill’ that is due for release this summer.

‘Abe’ Due Friday March 10th 2023 

‘Abe’ uses the biblical story of Cain and Abel to explore
themes of bullying, betrayal and anger. In the story from
Genesis, Cain becomes the first murderer in history when he
kills his brother Abel. The story is explored by writers Jack
Joyce and Mossy Ryans from a different perspective, to become
a conduit for feelings of something being taken from you;
respect, dignity, or love, and to be wrongfully blamed in
light of this loss. “I am sometimes bitter”.

Photo Credit Miguel Ruiz.

These emotions are developed sonically in ‘Abe’ through its
dynamics, swirling guitars, thumping drums and haunting
accordion (played by Síofra Mauerhofer), all of which build
to a deafening silence in ‘Abes’ conclusion which translate
the feeling of betrayal and bitterness to the listener.
Binmen’s fusion of old stories and sincere topics lyrically,
and chaotic instrumentation, that is balanced by equally
quiet and sensitive moments, show a young band who not only
have an ear for hard rock and roll, but also understand the
effect of dynamic sounds and catchy melodies.


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