See: Ringo Deathstarr Release new video for Gazin’

The new video for Ring Deathstarr’s “Gazin’” offers us something we almost never get to see: the band setting up at Austin’s iconic venue Hotel Vegas. I’ve been to countless Deathstarr shows at Hotel Vegas, and it’s to be expected that their amps will be lining the wall behind the stage, sound-checked and ready to go. The video expresses the intimate nature of their freshly released self-titled LP, which was recorded during life-changing events for some of the members. Guitarist and vocalist Elliot Frazier reflects on how becoming a working father impacted his writing process: “Gone were the days of fiddling about for hours with melodies and it took longer personally.” 

I’ve always found a light-hearted sarcasm in the band, and the title “Gazin’” had me smiling that they still had it. The track is 2 minutes and 46 seconds of well-executed Ringo Deathstarr, direct and to the point. It’s loud. It’s poppy and noisy. The snare has just the right amount of reverb…you see where this is going. I love the way band’s records sound and this is no exception- they’re just fucking good, but we knew that already, didn’t we? 

“Ringo Deathstarr” is out now on Club AC30 and The Reveberation Appreciation Society. Check out the video below.

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