News: Electro techno maestros The Orb announce their 18th Album ‘Prism’ and spark things off with the pulsating single ‘Living in Recycled Times’ featuring Rachel D’Arcy.

The legendary The Orb have announced their return to the fray with the news of an new album ‘Prism’ – their 18th – and a single, ‘Living In Recycled Times’, to whet our collectives appetites.

Featuring the vocals of Rachel D’Arcy, ‘Living In Recycled Times’ is a swelling, ambulant piece of electronica that pulsates and simmers with an intensity. D’Arcy’s vocals soar above the electronic thrum, sometimes whispering, entreating, sometimes flying high with passion. The instrumentation is layered and effervescent, subtle and nuanced with a Drum and Bass throb that’s compelling and immersive.

‘Prism’ is out on 28 April via Cooking Vinyl Records and is the third The Orbit album helmed by core duo Alex Paterson and Michael Rendall. You can pre-order here.


‘Why Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You’re Not Anywhere At All’
‘A Ghetto Love Story’
‘Picking Tea Leaves & Chasing Butterflies’
‘Dragon Of The Oceans’
‘The Beginning Of The End’
‘Living In Recycled Times’

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