Astari Nite continue to plough the very verdant fields of their classic goth album ‘Here Lies’ with the release of a video for the track ‘Gloomy Witch’.

Soaked in gratifying reverb and delay, the guitars provide an arctic and scintillating palette to this elegant and regal track: dark and mysterious, melodic and throbbing with a synth arpeggiated spine. With a celestial haunting chorus, this is stirring stuff.

The video perfectly captures this world – cemeteries, frilly white shirts, purple flowers, studied glances and magnificent hair. Completely satisfying and cathartic fare for lovers of the darker side of The Cure and The Mission:

This is classic goth rock of the highest order: dark, theatrical, elegant and elegiac. If, like me, you appreciate a bit of dark gothic rock, you should listen to the album: it’s brilliant. You can get the track and indeed the album, out now through Negative Gain, below: