Scandinavian singer/songwriter Cajsa Siik has returned with a new EP called Low Light Key Sessions, and it’s a decidedly quieter, more introspective collection of songs. Compared to her previous releases, 2017s Domino and 2014s Contra, Low Light Key Sessions feels like a beautifully sentimental journey, albeit a short one. At just five tracks, Sessions gets in and out and quickly leaves its mark.

Siik’s voice is unique, as is her amazing arrangements, giving the EP a one-of-a-kind sonic palate. Elements of Neko Case, Nico, and Melody’s Echo Chamber run throughout the album. Tracks like “First of the Day” and “Time Change” lilt and wane in the ears, while the exquisite and gorgeous “Ögon” is sung in Siik’s native tongue.

About the EP, Cajsa had this to say:

Every song on the EP Low Light Key Sessions has somehow its own theme to me. It’s something I discovered afterwards, and nothing that is obvious or set in stone. I felt I wanted to invite more people to create a dialogue with the music, and create lyrics from that experience. To combine my thoughts with the thoughts of others. To hear more voices than my own. So I invited twenty people to listen to instrumental versions of the songs, and to reflect around a theme each – free from expectations, only following their intuition. The replies I got were like finding a treasure, and in that moment I felt so close to all those who participated.

You can read more of what Cajsa had to say about Low Light Key Sessions here. Check out some of the tracks below. Low Light Key Sessions was released on Friday June 8th. Give it a listen over at Spotify.