News: Cabo Don Shares New Single ‘Outsiders’ Feat. Trey Detroit

Cabo Don, the versatile instrumentalist and artist hailing from the heart of Texas, has proven himself a master of the creative juggling act, melding unique talents into a symphony of musical excellence. This classically trained pianist and violinist, who once strolled the same halls as luminaries like J. Cole during his time at St John’s University, has embarked on a ceaseless quest to create pop perfection. Following the expansion of his ever-evolving discography and the head-bobbing release ‘Stay The Night,’ Cabo Don is back with ‘Outsiders’ – an irresistibly upbeat track featuring R&B maestro Trey Detroit.

Under the moniker Cabo Don, this artist has displayed a remarkable affinity for collaboration, emphasizing the organic depth and value that comes from joining forces with other artists. His portfolio boasts partnerships with talents like JVZEL, an artist with a star-studded résumé, having worked with heavyweights such as Baby Keem, Far East Movement, Kendrick Lamar, and Rihanna.

With ‘Outsiders,’ Cabo Don effortlessly merges melodic and upbeat pop elements with the rhythms of hip hop and R&B, creating a soundscape that immerses the listener in a romantic, reflective experience.

Cabo Don’s open-minded approach to creative exploration shines through in his latest offering, underscoring a newfound self-awareness and an evolved approach as he translates his experiences into music. The result is a refreshingly different sound that harmonizes with the stylistic trends of today’s pop music landscape. ‘Outsiders’ sees the artist doubling down on layered, old-school hip-hop production while navigating the intricacies of his life experiences.

Trey Detroit, Cabo Don’s collaborator on the track, serenades over an energetic beat, striking a perfect balance between sophisticated cadence and memorable hooks, resulting in a deceptively complex song dressed in simple, catchy clothing. As Cabo Don continues to blend classic, timeless styles with delightful, unexpected twists, his signature relaxed and unhurried production technique resonates with music lovers across the spectrum.

In his ever-expanding repertoire, Cabo Don delivers instantly recognizable tones for fans, evoking the spirit of artists like KYLE, Maroon 5, and Dram. His ability to seamlessly intertwine genres and styles promises an unending stream of pop hits for his audience.

Reflecting on ‘Outsiders,’ Cabo Don shared, “This track is for all the people who wish their ‘situationship’ would turn into something more real. Really soon.” With its catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, and genre-blurring sound, ‘Outsiders’ is a compelling addition to Cabo Don’s impressive body of work, sure to resonate with a wide range of music enthusiasts. As he continues to evolve and push creative boundaries, Cabo Don stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities of contemporary music.

Listen below:

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