News: High energy UK Alt-Rock band Mint release single “Claws”

Mint are a loud and energetic cocktail made from parts of Iggy Pop and The Hives. Hailing from Grimsby Town, Mint can be described as the erratic and gut-busting Rock’n’Roll that your father smokes cigars to. Championed by Radio 1, Kerrang!, BBC 6 Music, Radio X, BBC Introducing, Channel 4 and ITV This Morning.

“This is a song that started with the pre-chorus. The ‘and what if you found love?’ was a question my therapist asked me when I was recovering from a pretty horrible time in my life and I remember I never actually answered her. Right now I’m in a really healthy relationship, I’m treating myself better and this whole song is about that journey to mental stability. Its highs and lows and the toxic positivity you just have to grin and bare through. It’s more of an ode to the ‘man-up’ or ‘people have it worse’ type of advice givers. Proving something to somebody should only ever be yourself proving something to yourself. Forget anybody else, recovery is a personal journey.” singer Zak Rashid.

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