News: Jaz Vernon Shines On ‘Blue Coupe’

R&B singer-songwriter Jaz Vernon makes a triumphant return with his newest single, ‘Blue Coupe’.

The track opens with a slow and deliberate pace, building anticipation with its basic chords. However, the tempo quickly escalates as punchy kits and energetic hi-hats take over, driving the song forward with an irresistible groove. Jaz’s mastery of secondary vocals adds impressive layers and enchanting harmonies, creating a lush and immersive soundscape that captivates the senses.

In an exclusive revelation, Jaz discloses that he recorded ‘Blue Coupe’ right before embarking on his inaugural trip to the music hub of Los Angeles. The palpable rush of adrenaline and his unwavering passion for his craft are palpable in the recording, accentuating the message of the song – a call to seize the moment, setting aside pride and ego.

Hailing from the vibrant musical neighborhood of Far Rockaway, Jaz Vernon’s R&B compositions offer a free-flowing and mesmerizing experience, allowing listeners to lose themselves in the irresistible melodies. His musical journey began at an early age, honing his skills as a pianist and later exploring the trumpet and drums. Now, Jaz seamlessly blends the soulful essence of 90’s R&B with contemporary elements, driven by an authentic desire to make his mark among the industry greats. His previous feature on Hot97’s DJ Saige’s debut single “Hit My Line” in July 2019 garnered him well-deserved attention from radio enthusiasts and critics alike.

In a fiercely competitive industry, Jaz Vernon remains steadfast in his pursuit of authenticity. ‘Blue Coupe’ serves as a shining example of his remarkable talent and unwavering determination, showcasing the potential for him to achieve greatness within the realm of R&B. As the world eagerly embraces his latest creation, Jaz Vernon’s star continues to rise, solidifying as an exciting up and comer in contemporary R&B.

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