Psych Insight: Brown Brogues, Live at Detestival, Sheffield, 19/04/14

Brown Brogues aren’t really a psych band, but I’ve included them under the ‘Psych Insight’ banner because they are headlining the Bristol Psych Fest on May 10th. Brown Brogues are more of a garage band. They are a two piece, Mark Vernon (guitar/ vocals) and Ben Mather (drums/ vocals), who make one heck of a noise and, in the process, deliver a very entertaining show. With a couple of albums and several singles/ EPs under their belts they are no strangers to the festival scene, and have also been over to SXSW to deliver their very singular live experience.

Brown Brogues are one of those bands who really could only be British. No, actually they could only be from the North West (in the same way as The Fall and Half Man, Half Biscuit can only be from the North West) bringing their own brand of stripped back rock and roll to audiences and seemingly having a right laugh while doing so. They are also the ideal festival band since their set up can fit in a space when a lead singer normally occupies. At Detestival this meant that they were able to play longer, a good thing, trashing out more of their music and (just as importantly) their wit and wisdom.brownbrogues1

Musically they remind me most of The Cramps, but don’t let either attract or repel you, check them out yourself because you will most likely have a good time.

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