Premiere: The Big Sway release new visuals for single Gun Fun In Rifle City

Boston psychedelic rockers The Big Sway have announced a new single, Gun Fun In Rifle City, taken from their second full length We Made This For You, out later in the year. We’re delighted to be premiering the accompanying video right here on Backseat Mafia today.

On the track, bassist and visual artist Joe MacFadzen says “‘Gun Fun’ is very much the wildcard song on the album. The Big Sway has a deep back-catalog of old songs that have never been recorded or released, and with each album, we like to dust one of them off and include it with the newer ones. For We Made This For You, “Gun Fun in Rifle City” is that song, and is actually the third song that Tim and I ever wrote together. We wrote it in my mom’s toolshed fifteen years ago before the band even had a name, and it has stuck around in our setlist ever since.”

Its a rollocking four minutes (and a bit) of psych-punk-blues, thats captured in a way that makes you need to see this band as soon as possible. Its exciting, pulsating feel-like jumping around sort of stuff, with primal bears and scuffed up vocals and guitars that shred and slash all over the track.

On the video, MacFadzen continues, “The video is a sort of live-action Looney Tunes / New England western, with technique and aesthetic inspired by the silent movies of Buster Keaton. It was pure luck that I moved in next door to J.P. right before the pandemic. We became fast friends, and when I told him about The Big Sway’s video project, he wanted in. I was able to learn a lot about film-making from J.P. It was really a great experience. I made the props, designed the costumes, starred as “The Outlaw,” and provided food and coffee for the crew. Working with J.P. on this project from start to finish was a welcome creative challenge during the cold winter months of the pandemic.” 

Check it out, here

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