Track : The Foo Fighters reveal new video for ‘Chasing Birds’

I find myself constantly amazed by the ever impressive David Grohl. Whether you’re a fan or not, whether you supported his musicianship as part of Nirvana or Foo Fighters, he clearly is a musician who knows his strengths and will stop at nothing to challenge his own potential and deliver something that’s authentically his. He’s done it again with the latest ‘Foo Fighters’ track, the ever lamenting ‘ Chasing Birds’. It’s a softer side to Ghroll’s famous rock fused vocal power, and dare I say a more introverted sound. All with the intention of shining some truth, as is always the case with Grohl, and this time he succeeds with casting a portrayal of what it’s relaly like to struggle with depression, and try and cope. The result is the thought provoking animated video of ‘Chasing Birds’. And yes, for me personally, it’s not just about getting toked.

Chasing Birds, lyrically quite beautifully captures the near unrealistic nature of attempting such a task in real life. Opening with soft electric guitar and gentle drumming that stay through the track, ‘Chasing birds Through the sky I’m never coming down’ is evocative of that mental state of disarray that embodies a need for overcoming sorrow, but feeling like it’s almost impossible. So what do you do? You travel with the band, quite literally in the video in search of Peyote. Naturally, Foo Fighters decided to release this track on 4/20, an international day of celebrating marijuana, and rightfully so . The music goes beyond the joys of getting high on a drug that’s legal in nearly half the states; it points out to the aftermath of not having it around, the bleakness of reality that if you’re dependant, can find you in a state of loss. It’s evident in the chorus of the song: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions Dark inventions of mine The road to hell is paved with broken parts Bleeding hearts like mine”. There always two sides to every story, and Grohl does well to highlight this.

Nice one guys. ‘Chasing Birds’ was released as part of the Foo Fighter’s Tenth Studio Album ‘ Medicine at Midnight ‘ released earlier this year.

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