Say Psych: Premiere: The Oscillation – Paranormal Non-Activity

The Oscillation are a band that need no introduction, their latest single ‘Evil in the Tree’ is set to be released on 11th August 2017 on Wrong Way Records, and Backseat Mafia are delighted to present you with the premiere of B-Side ‘Paranormal Non-Activity’.

The single was written, recorded and mixed by Demian Castellanos and was penned during the conception of the 2016 album Monographic.

‘Paranormal Non-Activity’ is an aural journey through the darkness yet a distinctive calm prevails compared to its partner on Side A. Lashings of reverberation resonate methodically, inspiring contemplation and reflection on an echoing trip through sound.

On the reverse, lead track ‘Evil in the Tree’ zones through Castellanos’ hazy vocals, probing bass, reverberating synth and menacing percussion from Valentina Magaletti. The chaotic composition is reinforced by the fact that all elements work in harmony, showing the quality of the musicianship.

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