News: LDRDO Unveils Debut Single ‘Light My Fire’ and Announces Album ‘On The Road’

Tel-Aviv-based music producer and songwriter, David Levi, better known by his moniker LDRDO (pronounced El Dorado), has set the stage for his highly anticipated debut album with the release of his fresh single, ‘Light My Fire’.

The track serves as a tantalizing glimpse into his upcoming project, ‘On The Road’, offering a mesmerizing blend of grooving synth bass, reverberant electric guitar rhythms, and sleek drum lines.

In a statement about the track, LDRDO provides insight into its thematic depth, saying, “I would say that this track tells the part of the story (track 5) in which the protagonist is in the middle of his journey and is dealing with old memories and past experiences that make him feel down and like he’s ‘losing his mind’ and in pain, but he calls for that spark of inspiration to ‘light his fire’. So the song has a positive message to keep your head up and stay strong, and can relate to dealing with mental health issues and depression.”

Known for his soulful blend of funky grooves, Turkish psychedelic sounds, and Greek tones, LDRDO has been making waves within the local music scene. His music is characterized by an organic sonic tapestry that transports listeners to new realms, fueled by his belief in music’s ability to transcend circumstances and elevate the human experience.

With ‘Light My Fire’ leading the way, LDRDO’s debut album promises to deliver vibrant soundscapes and compelling narratives, inviting audiences to embark on a transformative musical journey.

Listen below:

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