News: Psychedelic Pop Risers Honey Motel Release New Single ‘When We Die, We Die’

Liverpool’s own psychedelic-pop maestros, Honey Motel, are back in the limelight, enchanting audiences with their latest sonic offering, ‘When We Die, We Die.’ Following the success of their October release, ‘The Matinee,’ the four-piece outfit continues to weave a tapestry of vibrant sounds that transcend the ordinary.

In ‘When We Die, We Die,’ Honey Motel beckons listeners with a kaleidoscope of glowing psychedelic pop. The single boasts soaring electric guitar licks that illuminate the soundscape, grooving bass lines that traverse the verses, and a powerfully driven drum line that propels the track’s intensity. The result is an immediate injection of energy into the hearts of all who lend their ears.

Vocally, the band delivers a passionate indie-rock performance, dripping with personality and complemented by cheerful cries of harmony. The music exudes a joyous spirit, serving as a delightful successor to their previous hit, ‘The Matinee,’ released just a couple of months ago.

Commenting on the inspiration behind the track, the band shares, “Life is never what it seems when you are a youngster. It always turns out in a much more nuanced way. What you perceive as a nipper is too simple, obvious, and predictable. Life is much more complex, and that complexity is beautiful.”

The lyrics delve into the contemplative nature of life and its unpredictable twists and turns. The band reflects on the finite nature of life, emphasizing its beauty and the importance of living without fear or apprehension.

Honey Motel, hailing from Liverpool, has been turning heads with their psychedelic-infused pop, creating a whimsical musical getaway for their listeners. Picture a place where vibrant hues and kaleidoscopic patterns dance across the walls, transcending the boundaries of ordinary lodging.

The band’s reception desk is manned by the music-loving concierge, Sam Meredith, who invites listeners to embark on an auditory journey through the wonders within the walls of this sonic haven. The rooms themselves are a canvas of inspiration, curated by band members Matt Walker, Jack Hughes, and Lew Fogg.

Drawing influence from the likes of Mac DeMarco, Rex Orange County, Wallows, Sundara Karma, Declan McKenna, Haim, and Kings of Leon, Honey Motel has been garnering attention not only for their unique sound but also for their dynamic live performances. With performances supporting bands like Gathering of Strangers and Sundara Karma, Honey Motel shows no signs of slowing down. The release of ‘When We Die, We Die’ marks another step in their upward trajectory, cementing their place as one to watch.

Listen below:

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