Premiere: Joseph Luca announces new EP and shares soulful lead single ‘Nowhere’

Since getting back on it after understandably hitting the skids in 2020 (who didn’t?), LA-based Joseph Luca‘s been honing his skills via the medium of quickfire single releases. He’s put three out this year so far, and one of them, ‘Green Lights’, is going to be on his debut EP. There’s plenty more to come, because it turns out the EP is the first of a trilogy. Previous singles may find homes on there yet, but in the meantime, let’s get on with the new stuff.

The first part of the EP triptych is Ouroboros: Life, and it’ll be with us in a few short weeks, trailed by ‘Green Lights’ (from March) and the lead single proper, ‘Nowhere’, a crystal-clear neo-soul jam that puts the spotlight on Luca’s impressive pipes, which soar over the rest of the mix. It’s not an especially busy song – the fact you can pick out everything enhances the mood. It’s one of three self-produced cuts on the EP, and if it’s up your street, you should definitely keep an eye on him for next year.

We’re premiering ‘Nowhere’ below; the Ouroboros: Life EP follows on Friday November 10th.

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