Say Psych: Live Review: The Lucid Dream & Working Men’s Club @ YES 09.02.2019

Opening in The Pink Room to the sell-out crowd are local youngsters Working Men’s Club who have been garnering ever increasing support with each appearance. Their sound is a mixture of the best bits of psychedelia and post punk, with female and male vocals keeping things interesting throughout. Their foot tapping melodies see the crowd start to move appreciatively and they set the mood for the main event, definitely one to watch out for.

The Lucid Dream are a band that need no introduction, four lads from Carlisle who started off in the depths of the psych underground before daring to pop their heads up and make a stand. Backed by strong live performances which have resulted in now sell out shows and a string of sold-out 7″s under their belt, as well as LP’s Songs Of Lies and Deceit released August 2013, self-titled The Lucid Dream released March 2015 and Compulsion Songs released September 2016. Latest offering Actualisation was penned over the summer of 2017 and jumped straight into the UK top 40 on release.

For a band that are totally organic, have put out their own records without label backing, it’s fair to say they have done alright for themselves. Tonight’s sell out gig at Manchester’s YES, well over two hours drive from their home town of Carlisle, is testament to the fact.

The set is comprised of a plethora of stunning tracks that span their career, including ‘Breakdown’ from Actualisation with its impossibly infectious groove which instantly sets bodies jumping and heads bobbing, ‘SX1000’ which was released as a 12” single last year and picked up plaudits from icons such as Andrew Weatherall and Bernie Connor and is an attack on the senses from every angle. ‘Ardency’ offers up a fusion of acid house and psychedelia and has become a firm fixture in their live set, it goes down wondrously to the crammed packed room where there is barely room to dance. ‘Alone In Fear’ is a nine minute sonic afront, grounded by haunting repetition and catchy beats. We are also honoured with ‘Epitaph’ and ‘I’m A Star in My Own Right’ from Compulsion Songs which are an important part of their rise to the top. There are some demons in the matrix at times, but that doesn’t see them step out of their stride, showcasing the professional quality of the musicians we are watching.

They come back on for a rare encore appearance and blast out what has become their anthem, ‘Mona Lisa’ from their self-titled 2015 LP. The track which specialises in reputation sees the crowd resume its bouncing and cheering to the end. The crowd are thoroughly sated, and if the smiles on the bands faces are anything to go by, their pretty pleased with tonight and their humble thanks that are offered show that international acclaim has not affected them. There aren’t many bands as good as this, see them in this size venue whilst you can, they’ll be in much bigger venues soon, its inevitable.

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