News: Starbenders release new single ‘Sex’

Photo Credit: Nico Constantine

Atlanta-based rock n’ rollers STARBENDERS have released their latest offering ‘Sex,’ and the accompanying visualiser, streaming now via Sumerian Records.

Stream and download ‘Sex’ here.

Speaking on the new single, vocalist KimiShelter:
“I almost viewed the story of the song playing out like a simulation, a video game. The goal of the game? Get some and don’t get burned. I tend to feel a lot of longing to be one of those seemingly light footed people that dance around all of the heaviness of meaning and consequence. As with most romanticisation, I realise that the grass isn’t greener but it’s fun to play with in my mind. The poet has gone rogue.”

Starbenders are a rock-n-roll dream come true for every hard-luck dreamer occupying this third stone from the sun. Singer/songwriter KimiShelter is the love child Johnny Thunders and Joan Jett should have had, raised with an impeccable education from Blondie Elementary School, Def Leppard High, Bowie College, and a Ph.D from Siouxie Sioux University in Fuck All Y’all. AaronLecesne brings ripping bass lines, vivid musicality, fashionista chic, and lightning-rod stage energy. KrissTokaji is the literal embodiment of a Guitar Adonis whose fretboard mastery easily places him at the pinnacle of today’s young guns, a legend in the making. Then we have EmilyMoon, the siren behind the drums, channeling her spiritual father (and namesake), Keith Moon, in a gorgeous tornado of sound and fury.

This band has toured the world with everyone from Alice In Chains to PalayeRoyale, destroying the entire house every time. They’ve issued twenty-six releases in eight years – singles, EPs, and LPs, including their 2020 full-length, Love Potions, for Sumerian Records. Another album’s worth of new material is currently awaiting release. With a work ethic as relentless as their fabulous vision, there is much more magic yet to come.

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