News: The Subways Record A Brand New Version Of ‘Rock & Roll Queen’

Isolated in their respective domains (Josh in France, Charlotte in Sheffield, and Billy in Hertfordshire), The Subways have attempted to curb the frustration of their tour being cancelled, by recording a brand new version of seminal single ‘Rock & Roll Queen’ – available exactly 15 years since its initial release. Not satisfied with just one version, frontman Billy Lunn took it upon himself to record 20 different vocal takes – with the 3rd verse sung in a different language on each version (inspired by something he’s always done live, depending which country they were performing in).

Billy explains – “Over the years, as we’ve done this, my books have been filling up with the various languages in which I sing the third verse of Rock & Roll Queen — but, for the sake of my sanity, on this occasion I’ve whittled it down to 20.”

With Josh recording his drums in France, Charlotte’s bass guitars and backing vocals in Sheffield, and Billy recording vocals and guitars in YFE Studios in Herts, where he also mixed the song, ‘Rock & Roll Queen 2020’ is released today (Friday 3rd July 2020), just one day before the 15-year anniversary of ‘Young For Eternity’. Visit to order your copy.

Additionally, Billy will be performing a ZOOM live stream acoustic set on the of 20th July (TICKETS), with 50% of profits to ’The Bail Project’. Billy explains: “Considering how incarceration affects the black community most, both in the US and the UK, we are raising money for The Bail Project, which pays for the release of those who have been arrested following the marches and protests in the name of Black Lives Matter.”

A special Fanzine Puzzler, created by the band in lockdown will also be available to mark the release.

Purchase the single via the bands Bandcamp and find out more at their website

Watch the new retrospective video here

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