Track: Paris Youth Foundation – ‘Tired Of Loving You’: a post-heartbreak indie stomper

Paris Youth Foundation

AH, MAN – you’ve gotta feel sorry for Kevin Potter, frontman of Liverpool’s Paris Youth Foundation. a band with a way with a bittersweet, pint aloft, indie tune.

They’ve followed last month’s “Tomorrow”, the soundtrack to a night on the tiles after a break-up, confidence brittle and booze-bolstered couched in big, BIG, indie melody, with a more introspective single drop, “Tired Of Loving You”

You know Kevin’s lived this, felt this – give the guy a hug, when you can. Better still, crack a can and dance with them. There’s a rumour of an album announcement soon – this’ll be one for the lovelorn to look forward to.

Kevin says of the track: “’Tired Of Loving You’ is about the exhausted feeling after a drawn-out breakup, realising that the calls from your ex in the middle of the night aren’t because they miss you, but because they are too scared to admit it’s over.

“Without honesty, that cycle of drunken missed calls could loop forever. Just two people who would rather keep putting themselves through this than admit it’s done. There are no happy endings, like in the movies.”

It’s majestically sad and full of big guitars, and you can see this one playing out at dusk across many a festival field.

The band’s name comes from graffiti spotted in a Metro Station in the French capital, remembered by Potter from a childhood visit and decided, spur of the moment, for the release of the band’s debut single, “If You Wanna”.

Looking ahead though, to a time when we can all sink a jar or three with random like minds in celebration of some of the good things in life, Paris Youth Foundation have announced their first live date for 2021: they’re on the line-up for the Sonic Wave multi-venue urban music fest in Birmingham on Saturday, December 11th, alongside Vistas, The Sherlocks, Yonaka, Chappaqua Wrestling and a whole shedload more. They’ll also be appearing at Leicestershire’s 110 Above Festival on Saturday, August 14th.

Paris Youth Foundation’s “Tired Of Loving You” is out today on all digital streaming platforms via Frictionless Music.

Follow Paris Youth Foundation at their website and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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