See: Paris Youth Foundation – ‘Tomorrow’: a post-heartbreak night on the tiles captured in breezy indiepop

Paris Youth Foundation

LIVERPUDLIAN indiepoppers Paris Youth Foundation really aren’t afraid to wear their hearts on their sleeves; they’ve had their hearts shattered on Bold Street more times than is strictly good for you – but from such travails comes a cracking, breezy pop song, “Tomorrow”, which is out today on Frictionless Music – and we’ve got the lyric video for you, with scenes of clubland, actual people, all having fun – jeez, I could do with some that.

That breezy guitar melody carries lyricism which unpacks the shadow behind the disco lights: “Drinking away the feelings that we hide / Smiling on screen, we’re broken inside,” sings frontman Kevin Potter. It’s the perfect soundtrack to one of those giddy, brittle confident nights out you have with the lads or the gals after the end of the affair. Let’s just hope we don’t run into them. You know … him or her.

Kevin says: “Tomorrow is a song about living for Saturday night. It’s about hoping tomorrow never comes so you don’t have to deal with it.

“It’s a commentary on a post breakup night out and how we surround ourselves with all the wrong things to numb the pain. It’s about how we use social media to lie to the world and smile through a screen even when we’re broken inside.”

Looking ahead though, to a time when we can all sink a jar or three with random like minds in celebration of some of the good things in life, Paris Youth Foundation have announced their first live date for 2021: they’re on the line-up for the Sonic Wave multi-venue urban music fest in Birmingham on Saturday, December 11th, alongside Vistas, The Sherlocks, Yonaka, Chappaqua Wrestling and a whole shedload more.

Follow Paris Youth Foundation at their website and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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