Premiere: Australian duo Gunning For Allie unveil the sparkling single ‘Stay’

The new single ‘Stay’ from duo Gunning for Allie, which we are honoured to premiere today on Backseat Mafia, is a bright effervescent pop delight filled with anthemic choruses and heartfelt, emotive verses.

Gunning for Allie consists of long-time friends and collaborators Joshua Mulheran and James Waters. Mulheran says of the duo:

James and I started playing together in grade nine. From working side-by-side in our share house to remotely on different sides of the country, we’ve always been on the same wavelength with our love for music and the way that we approach writing a song.

This synchronicity shines forth in the single with its vibrancy and brightness. Mulheran says of the song:

This song is about three years in the making; I originally started writing the track in January of 2019 when I was seeing the now ex-girlfriend the song is written about. During our relationship, she went on a seven-month contract requiring us to do long distance. As the relationship broke down, the song came to fruition. The song started as what I thought would be a get back together song with someone I thought I’d spend my life with. Now I listen to the song fondly, knowing as a younger person, you can be so naïve in love.

This sense of longing and melancholy is deeply infused in the track. The accompanying video, directed by Daniel Sabourne was filmed at Sydney Props Photo studios in Marrickville. Mulheran says of the themes:

the story the film clip follows a similar parallel to the relationship that inspired the song. In the beginning, we witness the spark between two new lovers before things turn sour.”

‘Stay’ is out on Friday, 5 November 2021 and you can follow this link for access via the usual downloading and streaming sites and pre-save here.

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