Track: Stillhound – Time Enough For Love

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Stillhound ensure that you make time for their catchy electro-pop with new single ‘Time Enough For Love’.

The Edinburgh trio of Fergus Cook, Laurie Corlett-Donald and Dave Lloyd – joined by Cat Myers (also of Honeyblood) on drums – have pooled their various influences and a shared love of their homeland to create their brand of electro-pop.

‘Time Enough For Love’ is the second single taken from their debut album ‘Bury Everything’ (out on 23 September via Lost Oscillation Records) and is a much funkier affair than the soaring soundscapes of first single, and album opener, ‘Spring Conscious’.

The strong bassline and beats-driven beginning of this track give it an 80s pop sound reminiscent of some of their influences – Tears For Fears and Talking Heads – and I can definitely hear some Les Rythmes Digitales and Daft Punk in there too. The groove is relentless but manages not to overwhelm the softness in Fergus Cook’s hypnotic vocals – the longing in his voice on the line “Baby, come on home, oh baby” is palpable. There is an unmistakable sense of urgency running through this track that makes it difficult to listen to it while sitting still – it deserves to be danced to.

If you miss the expansive indie-electro sound of Friendly Fires, I’d recommend giving ‘Time Enough For Love’ a spin. Stillhound may not be dominating your stereo yet, but give them time.

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