Premiere: Feren Isles releases the melancholic synth pop of ‘It Finds Me’

Photo Credit: Derek Vincent

Montreal based electropop artist Feren Isles has released a new track, and the title track from his forthcoming debut album ‘It Finds Me’, and we’re delighted to premiere the accompanying video right here today on Backseat Mafia.

Of the track, a ode to anxiety and strain, he says “I wanted to share the nature of my own struggle–the relentless doubt and flashes of panic that seem to follow me wherever I go. I hope that by recognizing themselves in my lyrics, listeners will feel a little less lonely in their anxiety or depression.”

Built on these eerie, hard edges synth sounds, in which you can almost hear the angst, Feren Isles lays down these rather lovely melodic lines, albeit steeped in melancholy. There’s something of the Depeche Mode about it, particularly the accompaniment, but the sprawling percussive beats and light vocal gives him very much his own identity.

Check out the accompanying video, where Feren Isles literally runs away from the figurative anxiety that chases him, or at least creeps up on him. Check it out, here

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