Exclusive: Backseat Mafia Podcast 005 – Web Sheldon

Web Sheldon is an electronic singer, songwriter and producer originally from Sheffield, now based in London.  With a long history of acoustic singing / song writing, the music he writes has a strong emphasis on vocals and lyrics, with rhythmic flows and harmonies sung over beats and influences from hip hop and world music through to house, with a pop accessibility. Collaborations with other artists, either writing and singing top line vocals or remixing and producing songs for them, DJing at student nights and private functions throughout London, Web creates and plays a variety of music from house, pop, hip hop to music from the 60’s.

For his own music, he narrates stories of modern life in London, turning negatives into positives and encouraging people to have faith in themselves to find their own route to happiness.  Web has just released a joint single “Spirit Like You” with Italian producer BeatM4n and his debut solo single is due for release in August featuring Madrilenean rapper Priveyt. Find out more on Web’s official website with featured music, videos, London music blog and gig listings.

For this month, enjoy Web’s mix exclusively for Backseat. He describes it and the inspiration for it:

I’m into strong bass lines and lots of fx, so tracks with these features are quite prominent throughout the mix, but more than this, I wanted a decent representation of music from around the world too. Starting closer to home; we’ve got Swedger from Ayr in Scotland, there’s Moksi giving us some heavy bass leads and then Pep & Rash from The Netherlands too, dropping a track with the sickest bass of the year so far. I want to hear this track through some festival speakers – it must sound massive.  We’ve also a dose of Brazilian electro from Madblush + Ota and then Thom Marrow from California.  Even though most artists are more underground, I included a track from the new Leftfield album as it fitted perfectly with the style of the mix – and any excuse to celebrate the return of Leftfield!  I wanted to include some vocals outside of English as well; we’ve got a bit of Portuguese with the awesome Roça Roça remix by Ruxel & Marginal Men which I’m listening to on repeat at the moment and the Turkish ‘Estarabim’ by Hey Douglas mixing traditional vocals with a glitch electro sound.  I like how different languages bring with them different styles of singing – but the underlying music can be similar to fuse the songs together.  There’s a good variety of styles within the mix – but the bass flows are pretty dominating throughout the set taking us from a gentle start through to an intense ending.

Listen here…

1. What Normal Means (WS Edit) – Thom Morrow
2. Maybe You Should Say – Swedger
3. Superhuman – Thomas Hayden
4. Roça Roça (Ruxell & Marginal Men Remix) (WS Edit) – MC Brinquedo
5. Normine (WS Edit) – Nomine’s Robot
6. F For You (WS Edit) – Madblush + Ota
7. Hey Douglas – Estarabim
8. Higher – Funkerman & The Voices
9. Red Roses – Pep & Rash
10. Brace Yourself – Moksi
11. Keep It Live – Goldplate
12. Little Fish – Leftfield

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