Premiere: Georgia Reed’s Long-Awaited Debut EP ‘Haunted’ Casts its Enchanting Spell

Backseat Mafia is thrilled to present the premiere of Australian artist Georgia Reed‘s debut EP, ‘Haunted‘. This alluring collection seamlessly blends enchanting melodies, gothic nuances, and Reed’s uniquely ethereal vocal expression. Following closely on the heels of her recent singles, ‘Honey‘, ‘Haunted‘, and ‘Back in Time‘, the release unfolds across five tracks, creating a captivating journey from start to finish.

‘Haunted’ begins with the previously unveiled single, ‘Honey‘, a masterful composition interwoven with ear-catching hooks and Reed’s signature transcendental vocals. This track, blending electro-pop elements with poignant lyrics, stands as a compelling anthem for those undeterred by doubters, captivating listeners with its enchanting allure from the first note. Having covered this gem earlier, it’s a pleasure to appreciate it within the context of the entire album.

The EP continues to unfold with the lively title track, ‘Haunted‘, featuring an iconic chorus that feels like being enveloped in a glistening curtain crafted from indie-pop sparkle. This bouncy composition adds a vibrant dimension to the collection, showcasing Georgia Reed’s versatility. ‘Back in Time‘ shines with Georgia’s soulful vocals gracefully commanding the spotlight, harmonizing with a captivating beat. The song, akin to the smoothness of silk and reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s earlier style, paints a vivid scene that easily transports you to the ambience of a live performance, bathed in a single spotlight.

Up next is ‘Truth’, a fresh release penned by Reed during a test of self-reliance, delving into the realities of discovering autonomy and offering a glimpse into her personal journey. Reed reflects on the creative process, stating, “I always thought when people said they wrote a song from start to finish, all in one sitting, that they were lying…but then I wrote ‘Truth’“. She adds that the song was “a product of my home alone freestyling“. The theme of independence resonates throughout the EP, and ‘Truth’ eloquently encapsulates this essence with its catchy, clear, and powerful lyrics.

The final track on the album, ‘Dreaming’, stands out as a killer song, radiating both power and sheer beauty. Its immersive quality absolutely transcends a traditional listening experience. You can feel the vibrations of the bass as Georgia Reed’s vocals guide us through a story that, in the final moments, culminates in what feels like an emotional release. The song weaves through soaring and descending melodic expressions, expertly narrating tales of love’s delicate nature and the profound journey into renewed independence. The music serves as a vehicle for the emotional narrative, enabling the listener to vividly experience the highs and lows, extending beyond just the lyricism. It is a powerful and evocative end to Georgia Reed’s debut EP.

In crafting the EP, the collaborative efforts of producer James Newhouse and mixer Sean Cook played pivotal roles, bringing a wealth of experience from collaborations with artists like Roger Waters, San Cisco, Hozier, and MGMT. The unique circumstances of the pandemic also added to the project’s distinctiveness, fostering a refreshing and special approach to the creative process.

I really wanted to take my time and do things my way, in every sense that I could, there were actually a lot fewer people involved on this project because of the pandemic. I found myself recording my vocals at home and working on production with James via Zoom because all the studios were closed. It was really refreshing to work in such a different way, and I think it made it really special”, says Reed.

Infused with creativity, resilience, and transformation, Georgia Reed embarked on an expedition in her debut EP ‘Haunted’. The album serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication to authenticity and creative freedom, culminating in an enthralling collection that beautifully captures the essence of renewed independence. You get the sense that ‘Haunted‘ is more than a debut; it’s a triumph, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Georgia Reed, setting the stage for an exciting and promising chapter in her burgeoning career.

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