Premiere: Gus Ring – Will I be alone for the rest of my life?

Ahead of the release of his new album ‘For us Lonely Souls’, out early 2020, we’re delighted here at Backseat Mafia to premiere the new single and video from Gus Ring, entitled “Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?”. Following his albums Boredomtapes (2015) and Hypnoseas (2017), the new single shows that he’s delving into darker and denser areas, with the record being a study of loneliness and being lonely, and it’s benefits as well as its negative aspects. This comes very much from Gus Ring’s own way of working. He told us:

”I have tried to get a producer, but somehow the universe forces me back to recording and producing my own music. Whatever I do, somehow I end up sitting there in front of the mixing desk at the end. I guess it’s the music’s way of telling me it needs that isolation and solitude.”

The recordings started during last year’s cold Swedish winter at Studio Underjord together with engineer Joona Hassinen and drummer Fredrik Ottosson. Together with Jolanda Moletta (She Owl) on keyboards and Gus Ring now picking up the electric guitar, the last recordings were done in German spring by Gus at The Psychedelic Apartment.

is the first single to be released in anticipation of Gus Ring’s new record ”For Us Lonely Souls”, coming out in early 2020. The album will face the process of introversion, delving into isolation and emphasizing both positive and negative aspects of being a lonely soul, and the ways in which we somehow are driven to feel close to each other.

“Will I Be Alone For The Rest Of My Life?” has this gothic shroud cloaked over it, Gus Ring’s vocal clear and emotive next to this black and slightly bleak background. At the verse this buzzsaw bass/cello part keeps up the overbearing nature of it, but it’s the chorus where he scores big, with a chorus that sits, like a black raven, on your shoulder. And never leaves.

Check out the track, and the slow moving video, here

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