Track: Husky Loops – When I Come Home

Hot on the back of their second EP, which dropped last year, London based trio Husky Loops have shared another slice of interesting take on R’n’B/Hip-Hop and 70 Italian Songwriting (their stated influences) while still working broadly within what you would call (for want of a better word). There’s moments of the luscious string sounds, moments where the synths take over, but underpinning it all is this picked guitar figure. Over the top, amongst occasional hip-hop stalls, noises and lines, is the dreamy vocal.

In the words of Danio from the band, ““When I Come Home” is a song about relationships. The lyrics can be seen as quite generic but in fact they’re intended to talk to everyone and they don’t refer to anyone specific. There are many things we don’t say to partners, relatives or friends we truly love. Eventually we all go home and misunderstand each other, but we all need that one person that personifies security and deep affection.

The band will tour the UK this February with a headline London show at The Lexington on the 20th.

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