Premiere: longing releases brand new single ‘Adored’, the perfect soundtrack to a Myspace break-up

In a Backseat Mafia exclusive, we are excited to bring you the latest single Adored by longing. Originally an internet project, the artist hit an incredible 100,000+ Soundcloud streams worldwide from followers who felt connected to his unique sound. And now, over a year since his last release, longing returns to re-connect with fans and no doubt attract further following with the movingly heartfelt Adored.

It was clear from early on that longing had a talent for connecting with audiences, having shared stages with Sydney rock band Tonight Alive, working with writer/producer Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis, Gretta Ray & Shannen James), to a feature on Toasted TV and the pages of Blunt magazine.

Produced by longing’s brother and lifelong muse, Tristan Higginson (Waxflower) Adored elicits childhood nostalgia for the bygone times of Myspace, alongside the softly echoing emo themes of fading love and hurting hearts. “The things that made you fall in love with someone can end up being the things you grow to dislike,” says longing. The musician has cited his own inspirations to include other genre-melding artists like nothing,nowhere., Lil Lotus and Blackbear – these influences are subtly perceptible in Adore’s muted, impassioned vocals and raw production. In the track’s accompanying video (below), the view in rewind, through a windscreen literally traveling backwards down a winding road, back in time, throws forth a sense of nostalgia to leave the road ahead untouched, untraveled again.

My brother Tristan and I grew up making music together. We used to make crappy songs in our childhood home and I couldn’t think of a nicer, more nostalgic feeling to have when recording” – longing

Adored is a labour of love by an exciting new musical artist whose dream is to create outside boundaries, influenced by early social networks and the angst-ridden soundscapes of alt-rock, neon pop and emo. Spurred on by coming-of-age sentimentality and a creative, steadfast brotherhood, longing has succeeded in making music that we are sure will draw in even more listeners with its emotional connections to relatable themes.  

Adored is released on April 22

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