Premiere: Be Safe prep debut album with the brief and brilliant ‘Replaceable Man’

In vocalist/guitarist Matt Wojcik, this Frostburg, MD band contain a former member of Perfect Future – a band who put out three fantastic records before vanishing in the wake of 2014’s swansong Manifesto Be Safe seem to have sprung up as quickly and unexpectedly as that prior project wound down. The name and approach has changed, but what hasn’t is the remarkable quality of their output.

Introducing themselves with ‘In A House’ back in November, twinned with the announcement of their signing to Count Your Lucky Stars (Elliott Green, Superdown, Star Funeral etc.), the band have today announced their debut album, out in just two short weeks. To coincide, we’re premiering the two-minute gut-punch of ‘Replaceable Man’, juggling rage and reflection in a hair over two minutes.

Check that out below, and keep your eyes peeled for Unwell, arriving digitally on Friday January 19th and also available to pre-order on cassette, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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