Premiere: Mr. Bewlay releases new live video for Lovelife.

Photo Credit: With thanks to Mr. Bewley

Coming off the back of a handful of releases in 2019, including a collaboration with the South Wales band Fussie, artist Mr. Bewlay is back with a double single ‘Fake Yourself’ containing the tracks ‘Fake Yourself’, ’Lovelife’ and bonus instrumental ‘Stentorian’, and he’s recorded versions of these at Yellowshark studios. We’re delighted to premiere the video for Lovelife right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track and video, Mr. Bewlay told us, ‘We recorded the track at breakneck speed. It seemed it was written, recorded and filmed in under 2 hours, and as a result Lovelife comes across as quite simple in it’s approach. That was really the point tho, strip everything down! Not fuss, nor ornamentation. It worked well considering the subject matter, when telling another that your feelings aren’t mutual it’s best not to beat around the bush.’ 

Lovelife is a beautiful piano ballad, soaked in this sort of sepia tinged melancholy. It gently rocks and snakes its way into your heart, as the waves of piano wash over you, with a twinkling and cascading final verse, while his baritone vocal nudges up against you. Beautiful stuff.

Check it out, here

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