Premiere: Safari Lee releases Web, a taster from her forthcoming EP III

Out on June 1st is the new EP from goth-rocker Safari Lee, III. From it, we’re delighted to be able to premiere the forth of five songs from the EP, ‘Web’ right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Inspired by the goth-rock of 1979, Safari’s band os made up of three electric basses and a drum kit, but no guitars or keys. Of the line up Safari told us “My music has three 4-string electric basses and a drum kit (no guitars or keyboards). It can be challenging to write and play songs for this lineup to make sure the basses don’t stomp all over each other. I  
usually consider the frequencies and which line I want to be the bedrock. But this doesn’t mean I overthink things cos my music is pretty intuitively made. If I mess something up I often like to leave it in there. The muck-ups and messy bits make me feel something. I  
realised after I wrote it that the title track, III doesn’t even have a chorus. This goes against lots of songwriting advice but (shrugs shoulders).”

Of the track, she continues “Web is an aggressive yet introspective song and is lyrics-laden, full of comparisons and taunts. Its jagged hooks are imbued with overdrive  
and fuzz across all frequencies, adding to the energy which culminates in the hypnotic ending.”

Web is jagged and muscular and ominous, the bassline(s) giving it this almost overbearing feeling, over which Safari delivers her lines with a mixture of menace and allure. It’s intoxicating and exciting. Check it out, here


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